Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thing 23

This was a learning experience. I enjoyed exploring new things and revisiting things I already discovered from other classes. Each thing was easy to follow, with helpful links and explanatory instructions. With technology constantly changing this made learning fun and I would love to participate in future Library2play.
This has helped me understand the importance of keeping educated and how easy it is to fall behind. I hope that I can find future professional development that will provide as many tools and resources as this program.
Through my exploration I had the most fun with thing 6 and 10. I love to play with my photos so these two gave me the chance to create new images. The video in thing 15 gave me insight to how society has changed with technologies advancements.
Here's a program where it's ok to be a couch potato.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thing 22

I have not joined any of the Nings, but plan on it after I search them a little more. I like the discussion topics on the Texas School Library Ning. Some people gave links to sites that would help teachers and librarians and others posted questions they wanted answered. The Ning has a lot to offer if you have the time to set one up and maintain it. For those who can't start their own joining one is just as rewarding. I could see teachers using this as a reference and communication tool with others in there own community or worldwide.

Thing 21

I have used Photo Story in a writing class before. This is a great tool to get students
to write. It gives them the opportunity to pick pictures and create a product that incorporates writing and technology. This is also a great tool for teachers to compile the pictures taken throughout the year and then create a memory album to save for themselves or give as a gift to students and parents.

Thing 20

With the movie about to hit theatres, I wanted to see what teacher tube had on Where the Wild Things Are. I found a video that translates the book for the hearing impaired and a librarian that takes you through a book walk. I posted the trailer of the movie just in case there is anybody out there who has not seen it.

My daughters school always takes field trips to see the movies that are produced from a book. One great way to incorporate a learning experience would be to compare an contrast the movie to the book in a WIKI. I have never placed a video in a WIKI so I searched the teacher tube and found a tutorial.

Thing 19

I explored a lot of the winners in each category and found the Lulu site to be my favorite. This site allows you to create a book, sell it, or find a book and buy it. My sons class created a book on hurricane Ike last year. Parents were aloud to make a one time order. After the books came in, I was really impressed and would of liked to order more. The lulu site would allow teachers to create books with the class and then post them for others to buy at there convenience. The site also lets you create cookbooks, Cd's, photo albums, calendars and ebooks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thing 18

I am about to get my daughter her own laptop and really don't want to spend the money for the Microsoft program. This free software is great for her to use. It's also an excellent way to allow low income families the opportunity to work with these tools.
I like that google has a Doc tool because I already have an account. It's also neat how you can save the document and retrieve it from any where that has Internet access. I think the only down fall would be if you lose the Internet.

Thing 17

This is a great tool for school assignments and personnel use. Now I need to take the time and gather all my sites and place them on my Rollyo. The video by Bruce is really helpful, so those of you that have not completed this thing, take a look at his video.